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Education is one of the important parts of a country. Many people never receive the perfect education just because of a bad educational guide. Especially after 10th and 12th class students remain confused about the future. And many fresh students miss their admission just because they never know the admission process and application dates and when they want to join any good college or university the admission is close.

Here at TaleemKiDunya, we provide all the latest admission details for all colleges and universities. So you never miss any type of admission details in the future. Here we mainly cover admission details about Punjab University, Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), University of Management & Technology (UMT), University of Lahore (UOL), Superior University, Azra Naheed Medical College, King Edward Medical University, University of Karachi, Bahria University, GCU Lahore, GCU Faisalabad, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Fatima Jinnah College, University of Central Punjab (UCP), and many other big college and universities are in our list where we always keep our eyes and provide all the latest admission details on our site.

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Latest Result

Here at TaleemKiDunya we also share the results for all kinds of exams. Like when a student becomes free after submitting their examination we take care to provide the latest results for all the major classes. Like 8th class result, 9th class result, 10th class result, 12 class result, BSc result, ADP result, Entry test result, ECAT & MCAT results, and many more. We also start to provide results for all jobs exams like PPSC, Army, Wapda, Navy, Air Force, Lesco, traffic police jobs, FIA, PIA, LDA, and many more.

Make sure to visit our site daily to know about the latest results for all kinds of exams. If you want to see all the latest articles about the result you can visit our latest result section by clicking here.

Government Jobs

A government job is a fantasy for a huge number of individuals in the country. Pakistan has seen an appeal for Government occupations for a long time. Individuals favor Government occupations as their vocation choice considering the wide assortment of advantages that are related to these. We make sure to provide all the latest Government news and advertisements on our website to make sure that you never miss any opportunity to secure a government job according to your qualifications.

You will get all the latest advertisements from the government institute. And we also provide all the procedures to apply for this job. So you can easily complete the application process.

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Private Jobs

We also keep our eyes on all kinds of private jobs in the market for different kinds of people like doctors, engineers, computer experts, IT, Web designers, programmers, software house jobs, and all kinds of skilled people.

Here at TaleemKiDunya we also mentioned that at this time we mainly provide private jobs information for some of our major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Quetta. If you want any other city-related jobs kindly contact our team to focus on the highly demanding city.

You can see all the latest private jobs by visiting our website section related to jobs in the private sector by clicking here.

Date sheets

When exams are coming closer students or applicants want to know the exact date for the examination to prepare for this. So the staff of TaleemKiDunya keep our eyes on all the board date sheets and try to provide them for you as soon as possible so you can concentrate on your study.

We try to provide all board’s date sheets but we mainly focused on:

  • Lahore board date sheets
  • Multan board date sheets
  • Sahiwal board date sheets
  • Karachi board date sheets
  • Bahawalpur board date sheets
  • 5th class date sheets
  • 8th class date sheets
  • 9th class date sheets
  • 10th class date sheets
  • 11th class date sheets
  • 12th class date sheets

We always try to keep this section up to date so make sure to check this daily to get the latest data. Click here to see all the latest articles in this section.

Bank Jobs

Today, banks are accessible on every side of our country. Along these lines, bank occupations are recorded among the best positions in Pakistan. The major qualification for entering the financial field is essentially a degree from a recognized University. Additionally, it is desirable to have essential information about computer science. Accordingly, inferable from these models, bank occupations are named the most positive choice for youthful competitors the whole way across the country.

In Pakistan, banks are one of the major parts of our economy. We have many banks with thousands of people employed by each bank. After seeing the high demand for bank jobs in Pakistan we created a fully separate category for bank jobs advertisement and news. All the banks offer different kinds of jobs like Cashier, manager, advisor, customer support, database administrator, IT specialists, accountant, and some other different types of employees according to their needs.

Here we cover jobs from some major banks like

  • Meezan bank jobs
  • MCB bank jobs
  • UBL bank jobs
  • Allied bank jobs
  • Alfa bank jobs
  • Bank of Punjab jobs
  • Faysal bank jobs

We added some major banks to this list but we also keep eye on some other small bank jobs like Silk bank, Summit bank, Telenor Bank, Jazz bank, and a few others to make sure you never miss any bank-related jobs.